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What is a Steel Dog Cooker?

Steel Dog cookers were developed to solve a problem. When you go camping or hunting or tailgating what is the best cooker to use? The choices were limited. You could use one of the small portable gas bottle grills but they’re unreliable and tiny. Or you could drag along a full size grill that falls apart or won’t start. Either way it was a hassle. The Steel Dog cooker provides a portable, simple to use, easy to clean solution for all outdoor cooking situations. Make your parties come to life with the coolest cooking system on the market today!

Advantages of the Steel Dog
Cooking System

  • American Made Patented Product.
  • FDA – NSF Certified.
  • Highly portable.
  • Quick 3 minute setup.
  • Allows you to cook anything, anywhere, anyway.
  • Extremely strong. Will hold the weight of a farm tractor.
  • Faster cooking.
  • Cook more at one time.
  • Versatile accessories to add features.
  • Built to last generations.
  • The last cooker / grill you will ever need.

Certified by the NSF

NSF certification assures suppliers, regulators and end users that products comply with strict standards for quality and safety. 

Explore our Steel Dog Accessories

We make it easy to use your Steel Dog cooker in a variety of ways.

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